Corporate and policy enablers: Awareness and training

Awareness and training - Competencies

Key activities

  • Promote and deliver security awareness programs on Policy on Government Security and its eight (8) controls, and provide interpretation and advice on security policies, processes, and procedures through targeted training/awareness/learning activities and sessions, promotional, and educational material and products.
  • Analyze level of awareness of employees and management, identify security awareness training/learning needs, and develop and/or contribute to the design of security awareness training programs to achieve the appropriate level of security awareness across the department.
  • Perform learning assessment, including metrics and analytics, to measure the impact of learning programs against organizational objectives.
  • Deliver security briefings to employees travelling abroad to conduct government programs, services, and activities to ensure adherence to the security requirements, including the appropriate protocol for device management.
  • Support the development, implementation, interpretation, and/or application of government and departmental security policies, standards and guidelines, and the Departmental Security Plan.
  • Work with Lead Security Agencies and other government departments to exchange best practices and lessons learned.

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