Government of Canada Security Career Competency Profiles

Competency profiles categories

Key activities

This section provides suggested key activities by career paths and sub-categories. Level of responsibilities and implication of any of these activities or others will be determined by the hiring organization based on the level of the position and its mandate, key business lines and other factors specific to the organization (e.g., employee occupying an entry-level position may assist an investigation, while an employee in a mid-level position may lead an investigation, and an employee at a management and executive level may oversee the investigation).

Notice to users

In using these competency profiles, officials should consider their organization's mandate, key business lines, risk profile, response capabilities, location, and other factors specific to their organization.

The profiles were produced in consideration of the Policy on Government Security (PGS) of the GC, and other related policies as it pertains to the GC security career paths such as the Policy on Service and Digital for the information technology security sub-group. Where required, provisions of the Privacy Act have been considered. In case of any discrepancy between the content of the profiles and the Privacy Act, the PGS or any other applicable policy or legislation, the latter prevails. It is the responsibility of users to perform the due diligence necessary to ensure that their use of the profiles is compliant with applicable legislation and GC policies, at the time of use.

The profiles are intended to remain evergreen. If you identify any element that should be updated or corrected, please contact the Security Centre of Excellence.

What does it take to work in the field of GC security?

These competency profiles are provided to support the Government of Canada security career paths, which are divided into the four categories1.

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