Security event and business continuity management: Security event management

Security event management - Competencies

Key activities

  • Design and/or implement practices to monitor, respond to, and report on threats, vulnerabilities, security incidents, and other security events; and ensure that proper infrastructure is in place to enable monitoring, reporting, and support operations centers.
  • Plan and/or coordinate the development, review, and/or implementation of business continuity management program (e.g., business impact analysis, business continuity plans, testing/exercising, including designing scenarios, providing essential feedback, and developing logistical responses in terms of policy, procedures, and processes, etc.). The business continuity management program exists to provide reasonable assurances that in the event of disruption, organizations can maintain an acceptable level of critical service delivery and achieve timely recovery of other services and activities.
  • Coordinate the development of Memorandum of Understanding for the provision of alternative sites, facilities, and services to enable the continuation or restoration of critical services during an event or crisis.
  • Support the development, implementation, interpretation, and/or application of government and departmental security policies, standards and guidelines, and the Departmental Security Plan.
  • Work with Lead Security Agencies and other government departments to exchange best practices and lessons learned.

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