External Advisory BodiesĀ for the Public Health Agency of Canada

External Advisory Bodies (EABs) are established by the Minister of Health or the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) to provide valuable, objective, and specialized high quality, credible expert opinions and advice from individuals on specific matters within the scope of the Agency's mandate.

Voting members of an EAB are external to the federal government and are selected based on merit to reflect a wide range of knowledge, expertise and experience. The advice they provide may relate to scientific, technical, policy or program matters. Final decision-making authority rests with the Agency, who decides how it will use the recommendations and advice of an external advisory body.

PHAC has established an Agency wide policy entitled the Public Health Agency of Canada's Policy on External Advisory Bodies as a way of ensuring an effective and consistent approach to the management of EABs. The policy applies to all situations in which PHAC, through its branches and directorates, uses an external advisory body on a long term or temporary basis. The policy discusses the roles and responsibilities of EABs and their members, appointment of members, member affiliations and interests, and advisory body reporting. summary of the Policy on External Advisory Bodies can be found here.

To obtain a copy of the policy in its entirety, please contact:

The use of external advice within PHAC's decision making processes is consistent with the Government of Canada's commitment to be open and receptive to receiving advice relating to its work and programming from content experts outside of government.

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