Appendix C: Evaluation of the surveillance function at the Public Health Agency of Canada – Surveillance governance model

Appendix C. Surveillance governance model in effect during the evaluation

Appendix C
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Appendix C. Surveillance governance model in effect during the evaluation

Central to the governance model of the surveillance function in PHAC are the Surveillance Coordination Unit and Surveillance Integration Team. They work together in support of PHAC surveillance projects. Surveillance Coordination Unit reports to the Senior Surveillance Advisor, who is chairperson of PHAC Surveillance Management Committee and also participates in national and international surveillance advisory and planning forums (Public Health Network, International Forums, Health Portfolio). Surveillance Coordination Unit and Surveillance Integration Team are composed of members representing programs (PPRID, NML, LFZ, CIRID, CEPR, CCDIC), corporate support (Communications, Finance, Human Resources, IM/IT, Legal) as well as Office of Public Health Practice, Policy and Regional Programs. The two committees report to the PHAC Surveillance Management Committee, which then reports to the Chief Public Health Officer and the Executive Committee.

PHAC programs are using performance measurement, quality assurance and evaluation to measure and evaluate the key elements of surveillance systems: partnership & collaboration, knowledge management, core functions (processes, learning), surveillance resources (IT, HR, finances), regulations, legislation, policy and standards, planning and reporting.

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Acronym - Centre/Lab/Directorate Title

Centre for Communicable Diseases Infection and Control
Centre for Chronic Disease Prevention and Control
Centre for Emergency Preparedness and Response
Centre for Enteric and Zoonotic Diseases
Centre for Health Promotion
Centre for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases
Laboratory for Foodborne Zoonoses
National Microbiology Laboratory
Office of Public Health Practice
Policy, Planning, Reporting, and International Directorate
Strategic Policy Directorate

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