Addressing stigma in Canada’s health system


Chief Public Health Officer of Canada's Annual Report 2019

Canada's Chief Public Health Officer, Dr. Theresa Tam, addresses the current state of health in her 2019 annual report. She focuses on the impacts of stigma on health, as well as how we can reduce stigma across the health system.

Stigma affects us all. It creates barriers for those who are most in need from accessing services and getting effective care. We all have a role to play in ending stigma in order to move towards a more inclusive health system. 

CPHO annual report 2019

National snapshot of the health of Canadians and in-depth analysis of stigma in the health system

Action framework

One-page guide on what the health system can do to address stigma

What we heard report

Summary of discussions with Canadians who understand the experience of stigma and what we can do about it in the health system

Health of Canadians video 2019

Key public health trends and pressing priorities in Canada as of 2019

Interventions evidence summary

Details on the effectiveness of anti-stigma interventions, with a focus on the health system

Reference list for stigma examples

References on 7 stigmas related to social identities and health conditions to support table 1 in the CPHO annual report 2019

Voices for inclusion video

Dr. Tam joins people with lived and professional experience in stigma and health, who call for a more inclusive health system

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