2022–2025 priorities of Canada's Chief Public Health Officer (CPHO)

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Organization: Public Health Agency of Canada

Date published: 2023-09-01

Everyone in Canada deserves optimal health

"I will continue to drive efforts to promote health equity so that everyone, including the most marginalized among us, have an opportunity to lead healthy lives, both physically and mentally.

I will continue to work with partners to advance the science, research and best evidence needed to inform effective and equitable public health decision-making and action.

I will also continue to engage with people across Canada, especially those with lived experience, listening and learning to ensure our actions foster health equity across the health ecosystem."

Chief Public Health Officer of Canada

Helping people in Canada reach their optimal health

Helping people in Canada reach their optimal health through:

Championing action on the factors influencing health, such as:

Generating evidence-based advice through:

Engaging with and through partners, such as:

2022–2025 priorities

My primary focus is health equity because it directly affects the health outcomes of the whole of Canadian society. It also provides a central lens for action on my 4 priorities:

  1. substance-related harms
  2. pandemic and emergency preparedness and response
  3. health system transformation
  4. health impacts of climate change

Health equity

Health equity is the primary focus of the CPHO and a critical influence on other CPHO priorities. Across the complex and dynamic health environment, the CPHO will continue to champion health equity by:

Substance-related harms

Pandemic and emergency preparedness and response

Health system transformation

Health impacts of climate change

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