Creating the Conditions for Resilient Communities: A Public Health Approach to Emergencies 

Chief Public Health Officer of Canada's Report on the State of Public Health in Canada 2023

Chief Public Health Officer of Canada: Dr. Theresa Tam

A message from Canada's Chief Public Health Officer

From COVID-19 to extreme weather events, emergencies are becoming a part of our daily lives. We need to shift how we think about emergencies by looking beyond the immediate response and working on the foundational conditions that keep our communities healthy and strong.

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Annual report 2023

Full report

Examines the inequitable impacts of emergencies on the health of people in Canada. It highlights opportunities for public health to contribute to emergency management through health promotion, and other essential public health functions, to build more resilient communities.

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The way forward

Outlines actions for integrating a public health approach in emergency management policies, plans, and practice, with a focus on health promotion and equity.

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2023 update: COVID-19 in Canada

Provides an update on Canada's COVID-19 situation between August 2022 and August 2023.

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Research opportunities

Identifies priority areas for research and knowledge generation opportunities to advance action on a public health approach to emergencies in Canada.

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Health of people in Canada dashboard

Explores the health of our population using more than 50 interactive indicators and complements CPHO annual reporting on the state of public health in Canada.

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