Backgrounder: New Projects Funded Under the Immunization Partnership Fund 


April 2021

The Government of Canada launched the Immunization Partnership Fund in 2016 to support projects to improve access to vaccination and uptake. In 2020, this fund received $64M to support projects aimed at improving vaccination coverage in Canada in three priority areas:

  • Build capacity of health care providers as vaccinators and vaccination promoters
  • Support community-based COVID-19 education, promotion and outreach
  • Build capacity for evidence-based vaccination communication

The funding includes:

  • $30.25 million for community-led projects to increase vaccine confidence and will be used to develop tailored, targeted tools and educational resources to raise awareness of, and confidence in COVID-19 vaccines. These funds will also support the efforts of community members and leaders to increase vaccine confidence and address barriers to access and acceptance within their communities.
  • $32.5M will be dispersed over 2.5 years to support provincial and territorial governments in enhancing their electronic vaccination registries to help monitor vaccine uptake.  
  • $1.3M to amend existing funded programs to incorporate measures and activities to address COVID-19. 

An open solicitation was launched in February 2021 for eligible organizations seeking funding under the Immunization Partnership Fund (IPF). Two new projects funded by the IPF are:

Lead organization: The Canadian Association of Science Centres (CASC) (Toronto, ON)

Project Name: ScienceUpFirst

Description: This project is a national awareness and engagement initiative that creates, distributes and amplifies best-in-class, science-informed content surrounding COVID-19 and the COVID-19 vaccine. ScienceUpFirst will challenge COVID-19 misinformation by engaging Canadian science and health communicators, national mainstream media, science-informed social media influencers, and the general public. This is a national network initiative to debunk misinformation/disinformation on social media and provide valid science and health information related to COVID-19. ScienceUpFirst is also working closely with communities to ensure vulnerable populations have access to culturally relevant, scientifically accurate, and expertly vetted COVID-19 vaccine information.

Funding: $1,749,578

Lead organization: The University of Toronto (Toronto, ON)

Project Name: Playing your CARDs to improve the COVID-19 vaccination experience

Description: This project aims to address vaccination hesitancy. Each letter of the word CARD includes related interventions that health care providers and vaccine recipients can ‘play’ to improve the vaccination experience. This initiative will build off the University of Toronto’s internationally recognized and evidence-based pain management tool originally developed for vaccination in children. The pain and fear mitigation strategies provided by CARD will be adapted for adults which will help ensure the COVID-19 vaccination experiences are positive, not only to ensure completion of the 2-dose series but also to enable those receiving the vaccination to become vaccine promoters within their own spheres of influence.

Funding: $499,792

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