Consultation on the draft Federal Framework on Lyme disease

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Current status: Closed

The public consultation is now closed. Thank you for your interest.


An Act respecting a Federal Framework on Lyme Disease (Act) came into force on December 16, 2014.  The Act commits the Minister of Health to convene a conference to develop a federal framework on Lyme disease with:

  • patients’ groups
  • the medical community
  • provincial/territorial health ministers.

The Act requires that the federal framework on Lyme disease include:

  • National medical surveillance to track incidence rates and the associated economic costs of Lyme disease in Canada.
  • Guidelines on how to prevent, identify, treat and manage Lyme disease, and to share best practices.
  • Education and awareness in the form of standardized educational materials that public health providers can use to increase awareness about Lyme disease and enhance its prevention, identification, treatment and management.

The Conference took place in May 2016 and as a result the framework was drafted. Before finalizing it, we invite you to submit your comments on the draft.


We seek input from the public, including:

  • all levels of government
  • academics and researchers
  • health professionals and associations
  • patients, caregivers and patient groups


The purpose of this consultation is to obtain feedback from the public on the three main areas of the Framework:

  • national medical surveillance
  • guidelines
  • education and awareness

We will consider feedback from this consultation to inform the final Federal Framework on Lyme Disease. 

When and where

The consultation document is available online from February 7 to March 8, 2017.

How to participate

You may submit your comments by:

  • mail
  • email, in electronic files such as:
    • Microsoft Word
    • Adobe Acrobat

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