Economic Burden of Illness in Canada

Welcome to the homepage for the Economic Burden of Illness in Canada (EBIC) report and Online Tool.

EBIC provides academics, researchers, decision-makers, and policy-makers with objective and comparable information on the magnitude of the cost of illness and injury in Canada. EBIC provides a comprehensive overview of the distribution of direct and indirect costs of illness and injury in Canada.

The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) works closely with stakeholders to ensure that EBIC estimates are produced using the best available data and methods.

About the EBIC 2010 Report

The Economic Burden of Illness in Canada, 2010 is the newest published version of EBIC. The report provides a description of the data sources and methods used to derive the estimates found in the EBIC Online Tool.

About the EBIC Online Tool

The new EBIC Online Tool allows users to access Canadian cost of illness estimates for all major illnesses and injuries and produce custom reports of EBIC estimates.

The EBIC online tool provides 2010 estimates for the following cost components: hospital care, drugs, physician care, and mortality.

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