Personal protective equipment and medical supplies

Services and information

Medical personal protective equipment

Medical masks, respirators, gowns and gloves, authorization for import and sale, information for healthcare professionals

COVID-19 mask use: Advice for community settings

When to wear a mask, what type of mask to choose, how to improve fit and other factors to consider

Actions to increase supplies for the healthcare sector

Government purchases, collaboration with provinces and territories, identifying needs, quantities and partners

Information for health product industry

Medical devices, drugs, vaccines, disinfectants, sanitizers, advertising complaints, international engagement

Mobilizing industry to provide medical supplies

Information for Canadian manufacturers on supply and procurement, manufacturing scale-up and re-tooling, donations, research and funding

Supplies in First Nations communities

How to access personal protective equipment, information on the stockpile

Buying and selling personal protective equipment

Product specifications, donation opportunities, business support, finding supplies, indigenous businesses

Essential Services Contingency Reserve

About the contingency reserve, eligibility, application process, register your organization or business

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