Flu (influenza) awareness resources

Find posters, handouts and guides on seasonal flu.

Table - Find posters, handouts, videos and guides on flu awareness.
Preview Type Title Description Publication date Format
Poster Help reduce the spread of respiratory viruses About the respiratory viruses circulating this season and how you can protect yourself and others. 2023-01-13 PDF
Poster Plan to get your flu shot Poster about the flu, who should get immunized, and the safety and effectiveness of the flu shot. 2021-10-25 PDF
Poster Stop the spread of the flu and COVID-19 Poster about flu and COVID-19 prevention. 2021-10-25 PDF
Poster Some risks are worth it. The flu is not Poster about adults 65+, who are at increased risk of complications from the flu. 2018-10-19 PDF
Social media #Fightflu Social media accessories #fightflu 2018-11-01 PDF

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