Prevention of Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS)

Learn how to protect yourself from Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) when travelling.

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How can you protect yourself from Middle East respiratory syndrome when travelling?

People travelling to the Middle East or another country with a MERS outbreak can potentially be exposed to the MERS virus. You can reduce your general risk of infection by:

  • washing your hands frequently and thoroughly
  • avoiding people who are sick and coughing
  • avoiding undercooked meat and unsafe water
  • avoiding close contact with animals
  • avoiding camel-based products like raw milk or meat

Some cases of MERS have happened in health care settings or where people are close to others who are sick. Caregivers need to be taught infection prevention and control precautions. Health care providers should follow appropriate infection prevention and control precautions at all times.

There is currently no vaccine to protect against MERS.

Canada is not advising any travel restrictions related to MERS at this time. However, a travel health notice with recommendations for Canadian travellers has been posted.

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