Emergency preparedness

Find tips on how to make emergency kits and plans. Also learn how to prepare for extreme weather and teach children how to cope in an emergency.

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Using 9-1-1

Prepare your family for an emergency before it happens by teaching children what to do, including how to use 9-1-1.

Making a plan for emergencies

Learn what to do before an emergency happens by making a plan.

Making a kit for emergencies

Put together a kit that you and your family can survive on in an emergency. This includes times when there is no power or running water.

Helping kids cope when emergencies happen

Learn how to help your children cope in a stressful situation like an emergency.

Helping kids prepare for emergencies

Help prepare your children for a potential emergency, such as a natural disaster.

Preparing for dealing with extreme weather

Learn how to prepare for and keep your family safe during a natural disaster like a storm, flood, wildfire or tornado.

Preparing an emergency food kit

Use these practical tips for storing, handling and preparing food in an emergency to protect your family from food-borne illnesses.

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