Physical activity during pregnancy

There was a time when pregnant women were encouraged to avoid physical activity. Fortunately, attitudes about pregnancy have changed and medical experts now recommend regular physical activity as part of a healthy pregnancy.

Important facts

Regular physical activity during pregnancy is great

It can:

Start easy and progress gradually

If you’ve been inactive, start with mild activities like walking or swimming. Even five minutes a day will help. Gradually increase the time you’re active to 30 minutes a session. Before starting a new physical activity program, you should talk to your health care provider.

Don’t overdo it

You should be able to carry on a normal conversation during physical activities. If you’re feeling more tired than normal, take it easy and rest for a day.

Keep cool and hydrated

Drink lots of water before, during and after physical activity to avoid overheating and dehydration. You should also refrain from being active outdoors on overly hot or humid days.

Next steps

Build physical activity into your daily routine. The type of activity you choose is up to you, as long as you feel comfortable doing it and your health care provider says it’s okay.

Common questions about physical activity and pregnancy

I’ve never really been active. Should I start now that I’m pregnant?

Physical activity can make you feel better and be beneficial for both you and your developing baby. The decision to be active during pregnancy may be the first step toward a long-lasting healthy way of life for you and your family.

Remember to speak with your health care provider before you begin, and start slowly.

I’m already active, but now I’m pregnant. Can I continue to be active?

If you were active regularly before becoming pregnant, continue your program and make changes as you need to. Talk to your health care provider about your current routine to see if and when you may need to make any adjustments. Most importantly, listen to your body as it changes from one month to the next and only do what feels comfortable for you.

Can I lift weights?

Weight training is generally safe as long as the resistance is light to moderate. Using heavier weights could put too much stress on muscles and ligaments. Proper controlled breathing is also very important. After your fourth month of pregnancy, experts suggest modifying exercises that require lying on your back so they are performed on your side, or while you are standing or sitting.

How can I tell if I’ve overdone it?

If you’re really tired and you feel like stopping, then it’s time to stop. If you still feel tired, give yourself a break for at least a day. Call your health care provider if you have any of the following symptoms:

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