COVID-19 mask use: How to choose, use and care for a mask



Protect yourself and others

When layered with other recommended public health measures, a well-constructed, well-fitting and properly worn mask can help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Make wearing a mask a part of your regular routine.

Follow local public health advice on when you should wear a mask. Masks may be recommended or required in public settings like:

Even if masks aren’t required, wearing a mask is an added layer of protection. Whether you’re vaccinated or not, you should consider wearing one in shared spaces with people from outside of your immediate household. This is important especially indoors, whether in private or public settings.

Masks are strongly recommended in any crowded setting, including settings with vaccination requirements.

Regardless of your vaccination status, continue to layer individual public health measures, including:

This advice is intended for the general public and is not intended for occupational health purposes, including health care settings.

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