Fact sheet: Know the flu facts

The Flu can be a serious disease.

  • The Flu is very contagious and can spread quickly and easily.
  • Before you even know you are sick, you can pass the flu on to others.
  • The flu can affect everyone, including those who are healthy, but people at higher risk of serious complications are:
    • young children,
    • adults aged 65 and over,
    • pregnant women, and
    • those living with a chronic health condition.
  • In Canada, an average of 12,200 hospitalizations and 3,500 deaths related to the flu occur each yearFootnote * .

You need to get vaccinated every year.

  • Flu viruses change each year. Experts create a new vaccine to protect you each flu season.

You can’t get the Flu from the flu vaccine.

  • The viruses in the flu vaccine are either killed or weakened and cannot give you the flu.

The Flu vaccine is safe.

  • The flu vaccine has benefited millions of Canadians since 1946.
  • Most people don't have reactions to the flu vaccine; those who do may have soreness, redness or swelling at the injection site.
  • Severe reactions to the vaccine are extremely rare.

Everybody wins when you get vaccinated.

  • By getting the flu vaccine, you protect yourself and others because you are less likely to spread the flu.
  • It’s a simple action that can save lives.

To learn more and to find out where to get your flu vaccine, visit Canada.ca/Flu

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Date published: 2016-09-23

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