Lyme disease surveillance in Canada: Annual edition 2020 (infographic)

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Organization: Public Health Agency of Canada

Date published: July 2023

Pub.: 220795

What is Lyme disease?

What is the risk?

Who's at greater risk?

Cases occurred in all age groups. Those at greatest risk were:

Facts reported in 2020

Geographic distribution of reported cases

Cases reported by Alberta, Saskatchewan and Prince Edward Island were travel−related only. Less than 1% of reported cases were likely infected during travel in the USA or Europe.

The distribution of reported Lyme disease cases in Canada
Province Number of reported Lyme disease cases
British Columbia 14
Alberta 3
Saskatchewan 1
Manitoba 30
Ontario 829
Quebec 274
New Brunswick 19
Nova Scotia 446
Prince Edward Island 1
Newfoundland & Labrador 0
Northwest Territories 0
Nunavut 0
Yukon 0


Public health recommendations: Tips to avoid tick bites

Protecting yourself when doing outdoor activity:

Reducing risk:

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