PHAC Innovation Strategy (2009 to 2020): Strategic funding model (infographic)

The Public Health Agency of Canada’s Innovation Strategy (PHAC-IS) was designed as a strategic funding model: it uses a phased approach to funding, partnership development, knowledge development and exchange, and capacity building to support social innovation and systems change.

The model promotes change at multiple levels: individual, family, and community. It strives to impact the underlying social determinants of health, such as education, culture, and food systems.

Phased funding

  1. Design and test
  2. Implement and evaluate
  3. Scale up

Through a phased approach, projects adapted, reflected, and built partnership networks to impact policy and practice while increasing reach and scale towards sustainability.

Community delivery and scale-up

Funded project hosts worked with partners across multiple communities and jurisdictions to deliver interventions to individuals, families, and communities. The model strengthened capacity and innovation for project hosts through training events, tools, and annual meetings. Through knowledge development and exchange, the funded projects shared evaluation results to impact policy and practice.

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