Program materials: Nobody's Perfect parenting program

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Organization: Public Health Agency of Canada

Type: Fact Sheet

Date published: 2017-11-30

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Parent Kit

The Parent Kit has evidenced-based content that reflects advances in the areas of child health and safety, behaviour and early child development, as well as parenting coping skills, anger management and family violence prevention information.

The Parent Kit contains:

  • five parent books (Parents, Body, Mind, Behaviour, and Safety)
  • a chart showing child development from birth to 5 years old
  • a growth chart for two- to five-year-olds

The books are not intended to provide “cookbook” solutions to every possible situation. Instead, they are designed to give parents information and help them develop effective ways to cope with the stresses and difficult situations that they face as parents. The pictures help to depict key messages, even if the parent’s literacy level is low.

The topics covered in the five parent books are:


  • how to tell the difference between loving and spoiling
  • how to encourage cooperative behaviour
  • how to handle common behaviour problems


  • how to keep a child healthy
  • how to recognize the signs of illness
  • what to do for common childhood illnesses


  • how a child's mind and feelings develop
  • how to encourage a child to learn
  • how to help a child develop through play


  • how parents can look after their own needs
  • how to find and choose different kinds of child care
  • how to find support and resources in the community


  • what causes injuries
  • how to prevent injuries
  • what to do for specific injuries

It is expected that all participants in a Nobody’s Perfect group receive the Parent Kit free of charge.

Parent tip sheets

A series of Parenting Tip sheets offers current and accessible information to parents on a variety of topics. The materials can be used by the general public or as supplementary resources for the Nobody’s Perfect program.

Training materials

Training manuals for use by facilitators, trainers and master trainers contain information and tools for facilitating strength-based learning and conducting non-judgmental and inclusive community programming. They do not include content on child health, safety, development and/or parenting.

Promotional materials

There are two brochures intended for use by stakeholders to encourage parents to participate in the program as well as attract potential facilitators to deliver the program. They are available for download and can be found on “Nobody’s Perfect”.

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