ARCHIVED - 2010-2011 Management Accountability Framework: Management Response


Work is underway across the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) to address the comments expressed in the Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS) Management Accountability Framework (MAF) assessment of 2010-2011 .

PHAC has worked to upgrade the foundational elements of its management systems over the past months. Particular attention has been paid to the Treasury Board Secretariat's comments and concerns identified in MAF, Round VIII.

After taking a forward look at its management practices and systems, the Agency has developed and started to implement comprehensive plans to meet policy expectations. In some cases, the plans will require a multi-year effort, and PHAC will use its MAF Round IX submission as an opportunity to outline how it intends to continue to progress. This will ensure concentration on the plans going forward and provide TBS the opportunity to provide feedback through the MAF process.

To ensure the strong engagement of management at all levels, PHAC has established a robust governance structure, including a permanent MAF Coordinating Committee headed by our corporate Assistant Deputy Minister (ADM) and a program ADM.

Collectively, PHAC management has chosen to focus particular attention on five areas that are critical to its mandate: financial management and control; management of security; integrated risk management; information management; and investment planning and management of projects. These priority areas of management (AoM) have each been assigned a branch head sponsor, as well as corporate and program leads at the director or director-general level.

Progress has also been made in the following areas:

  • initiating the development of a plan to achieve compliance with the Policy on Internal Control;
  • updating the Corporate Risk Profile to include key public health risks, and establishing an ADM-led committee to provide oversight to risk initiatives; and
  • revisiting the Agency's information management policies and plans to accelerate, where possible, its multi-year process of strengthening capacity, completing adoption and fully complying with requirements.

Work has also continued on the remaining AoMs, so PHAC should be positioned to demonstrate progress in all areas. Appendix 1 provides selected highlights.

Krista Outhwaite
Associate Deputy Minister

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