CCDR: Volume 47-12, December 2021: Social Media Responses to COVID-19


Table of contents

The hepatitis C epidemic in Canada: An overview of recent trends in surveillance, injection drug use, harm reduction and treatment
L Lourenço, M Kelly, J Tarasuk, K Stairs, M Bryson, N Popovic, J Aho

Rapid Communication
Impact of school closures and re-openings on COVID-19 transmission
M El Jaouhari, R Edjoc, L Waddell, P Huston, N Atchessi, M Striha, S Bonti-Ankomah

Qualitative Study
Among sheeples and antivaxxers: Social media responses to COVID-19 vaccine news posted by Canadian news organizations, and recommendations to counter vaccine hesitancy
L Tang, S Douglas, A Laila

Implementation Science
The PRONTO study: Clinical performance of ID NOW in individuals with compatible SARS-CoV-2 symptoms in walk-in centres—accelerated turnaround time for contact tracing
I Goupil-Sormany, J Longtin, J Dumaresq, M Jacob-Wagner, F Bouchard, L Romero, J Harvey, J Bestman-Smith, M Provençal, S Beauchemin, V Richard, A-C Labbé

COVID-19 outbreak in a long-term care facility in Kelowna, British Columbia after rollout of COVID-19 vaccine in March 2021
F Sabet, B Gauthier, M Siddiqui, A Wilmer, N Prystajecky, P Rydings, M Andrews, S Pollock

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