CCDR: Volume 49-1, January 2023: Literature Surveillance on COVID-19

Volume 49-1, January 2023: Literature Surveillance on COVID-19 Download this article as a PDF
Published by: The Public Health Agency of Canada
Date published: January 2023
ISSN: 1481-8531
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Table of contents

Rapid Communication
Rabies in an imported dog, Ontario, Canada, 2022
P Di Salvo, M Anderson, C Fehlner-Gardiner, F Di Mauro, H Shapiro, A Miranda, H McClinchey

COVID-19 literature surveillance—A framework to manage the literature and support evidence-based decision-making on a rapidly evolving public health topic
T Corrin, D Ayache, A Baumeister, K Young, K Pussegoda, R Ahmad, L Waddell

National influenza mid-season report, 2022–2023: A rapid and early epidemic onset
M Ben Moussa, S Buckrell, A Rahal, K Schmidt, L Lee, N Bastien, C Bancej

Implementation Science
Novel six-month all oral treatment of pre-extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis in Canada: New treatment options present new implementation challenges
W Connors, C Nishi, I Sekirov, V Cook, J Johnston

Epidemiological Study
Pertussis epidemiology in Canada, 2005–2019
D Bhagat, M Saboui, G Huang, F Reyes Domingo, SG Squires, MI Salvadori, YA Li

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