Vol 33, No 3, June 2013 - Chronic Diseases and Injuries in Canada (CDIC)

Volume 33 · Number 3 · June 2013

Inside this issue

  1. The economic burden of traumatic spinal cord injury in Canada

    H. Krueger, V. K. Noonan, L. M. Trenaman, P. Joshi, C. S. Rivers

  2. Quantifying Canadians' use of the Internet as a source of information on behavioural risk factor modifications related to cancer prevention

    C. G. Richardson, L. G. Hamadani, C. Gotay

  3. Emergency department presentations for injuries associated with inflatable amusement structures, Canada, 1990-2009

    S. R. McFaull, G. Keays

  4. Evolution of the determinants of chronic liver disease in Quebec

    A. J. Sanabria, R. Dion, E. Lúcar, J. C. Soto

  5. Deprivation and food access and balance in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

    J. Cushon, T. Creighton, T. Kershaw, J. Marko, T. Markham

  6. Identifying cases of congestive heart failure from administrative data: a validation study using primary care patient records

    S. E. Schultz, D. M. Rothwell, Z. Chen, K. Tu

  7. Pain and health-related quality of life in people with chronic leg ulcers

    W. M. Hopman, M. Buchanan, E. G. VanDenKerkhof, M. B. Harrison

  8. Injuries related to consumer products in Canada–a systematic literature review

    S. A. Huchcroft, C. R. McGowan, F. Mo

  9. Cross-Canada Forum — National Population Health Study of Neurological Conditions in Canada

    C. R. Caesar-Chavannes, S. MacDonald

  10. Status Report — Enhancing the Canadian Best Practices Portal

    N. Sims-Jones, E. Dyke

  11. Release notice: Canadian Cancer Statistics 2013

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