Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention in Canada, Vol 44, No 5, May 2024

Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention in Canada Journal

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Original quantitative research

Disparities in positive mental health of sexual and gender minority adults in Canada
Sonia Hajo, Colin A. Capaldi, Li Liu

Substance-related poisoning hospitalizations and homelessness in Canada: a descriptive study 
Rebecca Plouffe, Rochelle White, Heather Orpana, Vera Grywacheski

Original mixed methods research

Public health communication professional development opportunities and alignment with core competencies: an environmental scan and content analysis
Melissa MacKay, Devon McAlpine, Heather Worte, Lauren E. Grant, Andrew Papadopoulos, Jennifer E. McWhirter


Provincial and territorial congenital anomalies surveillance: a summary of surveillance programs across Canada
Tanya Bedard, Yonabeth Nava de Escalante, Cora Cole, Kitty Dang, Maya Jeyaraman, Kathryn Johnston, Qun Miao, Lauren Rickert, Chantal Nelson

Letter to the Editor

Re: Rates of out-of-home care among children in Canada: an analysis of national administrative child welfare data
Chandrakant P. Shah


Call for papers: Generating stronger evidence to inform policy and practice: natural experiments on built environments, health behaviours and chronic diseases

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