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While the rate of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) has declined in Canada, it remains the second leading cause of death of healthy infants, with a higher rate amongst vulnerable populations. Current evidence demonstrates that unsafe infant sleep environments also play a role in sudden infant deaths.

These resources are part of the Public Health Agency of Canada's ongoing commitment to promote awareness about SIDS and safe infant sleep environments.

Joint Statement on Safe Sleep: Preventing Sudden Infant Deaths in Canada

The Joint Statement on Safe Sleep makes current research evidence available to health practitioners so they may offer parents and caregivers information and support to promote awareness of SIDS and safe sleep.

Safe Sleep for Your Baby brochure

The revised Safe Sleep for Your Baby brochure offers current and accessible information to parents and caregivers, so they can help babies sleep safely and lower the risk of SIDS.

Safe Sleep for Your Baby video

The Safe Sleep for Your Baby video presents the steps to create a safe infant sleep environment and lower the risk of SIDS.

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