Plan for your health before and during travel

Even if you've travelled to a destination before, follow these health-related tips to help you stay healthy.

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Prepare before you leave

Check the travel advice and advisories as well as any travel health notices for your destination(s). This will help you to make informed decisions and travel safely while you're outside Canada.

Before you leave on your trip:

If you get sick before your trip, consider postponing your travel plans until you've recovered.

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Take precautions with food and water

The most common illnesses among travellers are caused by eating food or drinking beverages contaminated by bacteria, parasites or viruses.

Take precautions with your food and water by doing the following.

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Prevent insect and tick bites

Many diseases are spread by the bites of mosquitoes, ticks, fleas and flies.

You can reduce your risk by:

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Avoid contact with animals

Some diseases, including rabies and avian influenza (bird flu), can be shared between humans and animals. When travelling abroad:

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Reduce your risk of respiratory infections

When travelling abroad, reduce your risk of getting or spreading respiratory infections by:

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Upon your return to Canada

If you feel sick when coming back to Canada, depending on your mode of transportation, tell:

If you become sick after you return to Canada, contact a health care provider and let them know:

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