Labour trafficking

Labour trafficking

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Labour trafficking is a form of human trafficking that can happen in a number of different industries. It involves recruiting, moving, or holding victims to coerce them into doing any kind of work.

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Who’s at risk?

Anyone can be a target of labour trafficking, however migrant workers, and newcomers to Canada looking for work, can be at higher-risk due to language barriers. People with precarious immigration status (e.g., lack of permanent residence, restrictive work permit, limited or no access to social benefits), or working in remote areas, without access to information about their legal rights can find it even more difficult to find support.

Industries generally connected with labouring trafficking include, but are not limited to, construction, agriculture, manufacturing, hospitality, food processing and restaurants. Labour traffickers can pressure victims to work by force or through threats, including mental and emotional abuse and manipulation.

Possible signs of labour trafficking

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Domestic servitude

While labour trafficking can happen across a wide variety of industries, it can also happen in private homes. One form of labour trafficking is domestic servitude, where people work as housekeepers or childcare providers and are exploited through low-paid manual work over long hours. Domestic workers can be brought in from other countries, legally or illegally, and usually live in their employer’s home with little to no contact with the outside world. Workers often have no visa, work permit or passport. Traffickers often manipulate their victims by threatening to fire them, knowing they have nowhere else to live and are fearful of being forced to leave the country.

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