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The Public Service Commission is an independent agency responsible for safeguarding the values of a professional Public Service: competence, non-partisanship and representativeness.

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Management Accountability

  • PSC Annual Reports
    Presents an assessment of the staffing system, based on the information we receive from departments and agencies through their accountability reports, and on knowledge we acquire through audits, investigations, special studies and surveys.
  • PSC Departmental Performance Reports (DPR)
    The DPR outlines the PSC's strategic goals and describe our performance, as an organization, towards the achievement of our identified priorities.
  • PSC Report on Plans and Priorities (RPP)
    The organization of this year's RPP has been redesigned to reflect the PSC's new organizational structure, which mirrors our program activities: Appointment Integrity and Political Neutrality; and Recruitment and Assessment Services.
  • Internal Audit at the Public Service Commission
    The PSC regularly performs audits of its own programs and activities to help ensure effective and efficient use of its resources.

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