Guiding principles for alternate methods to second language evaluation tests: targeted policy exemption

New: As of September 1, 2023, these guiding principles will no longer apply to tests of reading comprehension and written expression. They will continue to apply for the oral proficiency test only.

Departments and agencies who are granted an exemption from the requirement to use the Public Service Commission (PSC) second language evaluation tests may use an alternative assessment method for assessing oral proficiency only. The assessment method must respect these guiding principles.


To allow flexibility in assessing second language proficiency, pursuant to its authority under section 29(3) of the Public Service Employment Act, the PSC is granting a temporary exemption to line 12 requirement of the Appointment Policy. Line 12 states that proficiency in the second official language must be assessed using second language evaluation tests approved by the PSC.


The method of assessing proficiency in a candidate’s second official language must respect all requirements in the PSC’s Appointment Policy, except the line 12 requirement. The method needs to ensure that:


The assessor(s) must:

Assessment method

Assessment result(s)


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