Federal Student Work Experience Program – How to apply

  1. Login to your Public service jobs account
    Create an account (and then login)
  2. Read the job advertisement and select the “Apply online” link
  3. Confirm that you have read the notice and select “continue
  4. On the “Job applications” page, select every link in the “Requirements” column of the FSWEP campaign box and provide the required information on each page
    • Work locations: select only the locations where you are willing to work to ensure you are matched with jobs in your desired locations
    • Skills and occupational certifications: we strongly recommend you complete this page, as this information will be used to match you with FSWEP job opportunities
    • Exclamation mark icon: links with this icon beside them lead to pages that are not mandatory when submitting your application; however, you should still visit those pages to see if there is information you would like to complete
  5. To add a departmental program to your application, select the “Departmental Programs” link and choose the desired program from the list (skip this step if you do not want to apply to a departmental program)
    • Select every link in the “Requirements” column and complete the information on that page
    • Your application to a departmental program is linked to your FSWEP campaign application. Make sure your campaign application matches your departmental program application for each of the following pages:
      • Work locations
      • Education
      • Languages
      • Skills and occupational certifications
      Changes to these pages must be completed through your FSWEP campaign application.
    • Before submitting your application, you must complete and save all pages
    • To remove a departmental program from your application, select the “Delete application” link under its name
  6. Select “Submit application” once all pages of your application are complete
    • You must agree to the declaration to submit your application

Making changes to your application

  1. Login to your Public service jobs account
  2. Select the “Job applications” link
  3. Select the “Retrieve application” link in the FSWEP campaign box
  4. Select the links in the “Requirements” column and make the desired changes
    • You may also add a departmental program at this time, if desired
    • Don't forget to save each page before leaving
  5. Once finished, select the “Submit application” link
    • You must agree to the declaration to submit your application
    • If you do not submit your application, you will not be considered further for this campaign

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