Framework for Deployment from Separate Agencies


The present framework applies to the various agencies listed in the Financial Administration Act (FAA), Schedule V to which the Public Service Commission (PSC) does not have the exclusive authority to make appointments. 


To facilitate mobility of persons employed in separate agencies identified in the FAA, Schedule V that are not subject to the Public Service Employment Act (PSEA) for their appointments, all while ensuring that the PSC is able to fulfill the responsibilities granted under the PSEA. 


Pursuant to Section 51(2) of the PSEA, at the request of a separate agency and after reviewing its staffing program, the PSC can approve the deployment of persons employed in the agency to organizations whose appointments are made under the authority of PSC and in accordance with the PSEA.


Merit and non-partisanship are the cornerstones of appointments to and within the public service. In order for the PSC to approve deployments from separate agencies whose appointments are not subject to the PSC, the agency will be required to demonstrate that its staffing program meets the following expectations:

  • Merit: appointments are based on evaluating applicants in relation to the merit criteria, which are related to the work to be performed. The persons appointed meet the merit criteria at the time of their appointment.
  • Non-partisanship: appointments are made objectively and free from political influence. 
  • Fair: hiring processes are conducted fairly, transparently and in good faith.
  • Inclusive: hiring practices are inclusive, allowing for a representative workforce of individuals drawn from across the country and are designed to prevent discrimination and systemic barriers.
  • Monitoring: the agency has mechanisms to identify and correct errors and other irregularities in its hiring processes. 
Where possible, separate agencies are encouraged to provide for a reciprocal mechanism to allow employees under the PSEA mobility to the separate agency.

Review process

First, the deputy head of the separate agency requests that the PSC review its staffing program in order to approve deployments from the agency.

The request should include an overview of the agency, its staffing framework and supporting evidence related to expectations, for example: organizational staffing policies, monitoring reports and organizational staffing reports.

The PSC will work in direct collaboration with the separate agency throughout the review to determine whether the agency’s staffing program meets the PSC’s expectations.

After the review, the PSC will decide whether to approve deployments from the separate agency. If approval is granted, the PSC will inform the agency that made the request and the organizations subject to the PSEA for their appointments.

Annual updates

The PSC will contact the separate agency annually to inquire whether there have been any changes to its staffing program. These changes may be organizational or operational; they may be changes in strategic direction or in the manner in which human resources are delivered.

If changes have been made, the separate agency will be required to provide the PSC with a description of these changes and the impact on the agency’s staffing program. The separate agency may be asked to provide supporting documentation.

Periodic reviews

The PSC will periodically or as necessary conduct reviews of the separate agency’s staffing program for which the PSC has approved the deployment of employees. If the agency’s staffing program has changed and would be incompatible with the principles regulating staffing under the PSEA, the PSC could revoke its authorization or set terms for the deployment of employees from the separate agency.

Other information

The PSC’s Reference List identifies all of the federal public service organisations and specifies whether their employees can be deployed to departments and agencies subject to the PSEA for their appointments, including separate agencies whose appointments are made exclusively under the authority of the PSC and separate agencies whose deployments are authorized by their enabling legislation.

Requests for information

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