Hiring from pools – Advertised or non-advertised appointment


Hiring from existing pools is an effective and efficient way to staff. Hiring managers can save time and resources by selecting qualified candidates from pools that were established by their own, or another, organization. 

When a hiring manager makes an appointment from an existing pool, they must decide whether it is an advertised or non-advertised appointment. 

When making this decision, managers are encouraged to keep in mind the principles set out in the Preamble of the Public Service Employment Act.  They are also encouraged to consider the information that was in the original job advertisement, such as the merit criteria, job location, hiring organization, job tenure, and group and level.


  • when the appointment made from a pool is consistent with the information on the original job advertisement, it can be considered an advertised appointment.
  • when there is no clear link between the job being staffed and the information in the original job advertisement, the appointment is considered non-advertised.

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What to consider?

A job advertisement makes potential applicants aware of an opportunity and allows them to express their interest. Information in a job advertisement can affect a person’s decision to apply. For example:

Area of selection and recourse

Merit criteria

Other information

Opening pools to hiring managers in other organizations is an effective way to reduce time to staff across the whole of government. When organizations are willing to share their pools with other organizations, clearly outlining this intention on the job advertisement can help persons make an informed decision about whether to apply.

A note about assessment: When hiring from an existing pool, the hiring manager may use some, or all, of the assessment results for the merit criteria listed on the original advertisement. The hiring manager is accountable for each appointment and for ensuring that merit is met.


The following scenarios illustrate key considerations discussed above. Each scenario suggests an appointment mechanism (advertised or non-advertised) based on an examination of the specific considerations noted. All relevant factors should be considered when deciding between an advertised or non-advertised appointment process.

For more information

Hiring managers can contact their human resources unit to discuss how specific issues are handled in their organization.

The Public Service Commission supports organizations through Staffing Support Advisors assigned to each organization.

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