Overview of the assessment accommodation process

Important note

Accommodation requests for Public Service Commission of Canada (PSC) tests need to be forwarded to us by human resources (HR). The PSC’s tests include Second Language Evaluations and various other tests.

If the test was not created by the PSC, HR can either to determine the accommodation, in collaboration with the candidate, or forward the request to us. The process described below details how we treat accommodation requests. If the accommodation is determined directly by HR, the procedures may not be exactly the same.

Step 1. HR requests accommodation on behalf of the candidate

Candidates cannot send a request directly to us. They need to notify HR of their need for accommodation (see section “How to request assessment accommodation”). HR will then make an accommodation request on their behalf through the Assessment Accommodation Service Request.

We remind you that only our consultants can determine accommodation for our tests. As with non-PSC tests, HR can either choose to determine the accommodation themselves or send a request to us.

Assessment accommodation is always determined on a case-by-case basis. Therefore, the HR advisor needs to make a request for each test for which the candidate requires accommodation.

Step 2. The PSC examines the request

Upon receipt of a new request, we first determine if we already have a file for the candidate. If so, we review it to see if more information is needed. Depending on the outcome, we then proceed to Step 3 or to Step 4.

If this is the candidate’s first assessment accommodation request to us, we proceed directly to Step 3.

Step 3. The PSC gathers the relevant information

We send an email to HR, specifying the documentation needed to process the request. In many cases, a simple form filled out by the candidate is sufficient.

If the candidate suffers from a non-obvious or complex condition, they may be required to provide us with documentation from a healthcare professional (such as a physician, psychologist or occupational therapist). For more information, see the “Required documentation” section.

For non-PSC tests, along with documentation regarding the candidate’s needs, the following documents are always required:

  • Statement of Merit Criteria
  • work description
  • service request form
  • short questionnaire about the test and what it measures
  • copy of the test
  • in some instances, a copy of the scoring grid of the test
Step 4. The PSC determines the accommodation

Once all the necessary documentation has been received, we determine the appropriate accommodation and send it to HR, usually within 10 business days. Processing times may vary, depending on the complexity of the file.

In certain cases, an adapted format of the test will need to be developed for the candidate, which can take from 15 to 40 business days, depending on its nature. Please see the Costs and Processing times sections for more information.

Step 5. The candidate reviews the accommodation

HR forwards the accommodation to the candidate for their review. The candidate can either:

  • accept the accommodation as is, in which case they need to notify HR
  • request amendments to the accommodation, in which case they should contact the PSC consultant directly

Assessment accommodation is always determined on a case-by-case basis. This means that the candidate will receive an accommodation report for each test that they need to write.

Step 6. The candidate writes the test

Once the candidate has approved the accommodation, they are ready to write the test.

The procedure to be followed next depends on the type of test involved:

  • PSC test administered by the hiring department or agency

HR needs to order the test material through the Test Inventory Control System and schedule the test once they have received the test material.

  • Non-PSC test administered by the hiring department or agency

HR contacts the candidate and the test is scheduled. The PSC is no longer involved once the candidate has approved the accommodation, unless there is a problem during the administration of the test.

  • Non-PSC or PSC test administered in one of the PSC’s regional offices (Halifax, Montreal, Gatineau, Toronto or Vancouver)

The regional office will contact HR to schedule the test.

Reminder: Please note that the Assessment Accommodation Unit is not responsible for scheduling any tests.

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