Career Hub for the Priority Talent Pool


Welcome to the Career Hub, where you’ll find tools and resources to support your job search as a person with a priority entitlement.

Whether you’ve newly acquired a priority entitlement or been part of the priority talent pool, the Career Hub aims to support a positive job search experience. We encourage you to take advantage of all the tools, resources, and information available, to maximize its benefits and widen your access to job opportunities across the federal public service.


The Career Hub is intended to provide you with helpful tips, tools and resources when applying for and securing a job within the federal public service. We’ll add more products and tools to this hub as they become available, to meet the changing needs of the priority talent pool.

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Frequently asked questions

1. What information can I find on the Career Hub?

We’ve gathered tools and resources to support your job search as a person with a priority entitlement. You can find information such as résumé-building tips, how to write a cover letter, where to find job postings and much more.

2. How can I increase my chances of being hired?

These tools and resources are intended to support a positive job search experience to help you find a new public service position as a person with a priority entitlement. We recommend that you take advantage of all opportunities to create connections with hiring departments and managers by taking part in all career fairs and networking events, as well as taking advantage of the available courses to support your job search.

3. How long does the hiring process take?

The length of the hiring process can vary based on several factors, such as the requirements of the position, the time of year, the availability of the hiring manager and much more. Don’t let this discourage you: continue to apply to all opportunities that strike your interest and for which you feel qualified.

4. Who can I reach out to for additional support?

Please refer to our “Additional Resources” page for the appropriate contact information based on your needs.

5. Where can I provide feedback and suggestions?

We encourage you to send us your suggestions and feedback so that we can tailor this platform to your needs as much as possible. Please feel free to connect with the Priority Entitlements Program at:

6. What happens if I accept a term position?

A person with a priority entitlement who accepts a term position will continue to be identified for job opportunities for which they may be qualified until the end of the entitlement period, or until they accept an indeterminate position.

7.What does it mean when a person with a priority entitlement self-refers?

Self-referral is when persons with a priority entitlement identify themselves to a department or an agency as having the right to priority consideration for a job opportunity for which the Priority Information Management System has not identified them. Once persons with a priority entitlement identify themselves as requesting priority consideration for a job opportunity, they are entitled to the same priority consideration as if they had been identified by the system.

8. How do I access my priority profile?

The priority portal provides you with access to your priority profile. To learn more about it, review the Priority Portal page.

9. As a new person with a priority entitlement, where can I find more information about the program?

We provide virtual interactive orientation sessions that allow you to learn more about the priority entitlements program and other helpful tools. Visit the Priority Entitlements Orientation Page for more information.

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