Priority Entitlements Consultants

Priority Entitlements Consultants (PEC) are available to answer your questions regarding Priority Entitlements and the use of the Priority Portal. PECs can answer questions on the appropriate use of skill codes and job types, groups and levels for referrals, entitlements and the feedback process.

If you are a person with a priority entitlement, you can reach a Priority Entitlements Consultant.

By telephone, via the Priority Entitlements Voicemail:

  • Toll-free: 1-855-235-3113
  • Local (NCR): 819-420-6931

By e-mailing your enquiry to

Other enquiries

For all enquiries on workforce adjustment (WFA), we encourage you to contact the appropriate authority, which could include:

  • Your human resources (HR) advisor;
  • Your manager;
  • Your union representative; and/or
  • The Office of the Chief Human Resources Officer (OCHRO).

WFA includes issues such as alternation, salary protection, relocation and transition support measures. Please visit the OCHRO Web site for more information and examples.

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