Technical questions about the Priority Information Management System

How do I find a clearance number that was previously issued to my organization?

  1. From the PIMS Home page, select the following action: Generate a Report
  2. This opens the PIMS Reports Section
  3. From the drop-down menu select report no. 1: Clearance Number Retrieval.
  4. Click on the Show Criteria button.
  5. Enter the Request number.
  6. Click on the Submit Report button.
  7. Print a copy of this screen for your staffing file.

How do I verify a person's priority entitlement?

  1. From the PIMS Main Menu, click on: Register a Priority.
  2. Select Update/View Priority File/Change Priority Type from the Registration Menu.
  3. Select the person's Home Organization * from the drop-down menu.
  4. Enter the person's Priority Reference number (PRN).  If the PRN is not available, enter the Last Name of the person.
  5. Click on the Search button.
  6. PIMS will display a line containing the PRN, name and other information on the person if the person has a priority entitlement. Click on the PRN to open the person's electronic file. (Note: If the registration is in pending status, you will need approve or deny the pending transaction(s) via the “Approve/Decline Pending Requests/Activate New Registration” from the Registration Main Menu).
  7. If PIMS does not find the person in the inventory, it does not necessarily mean that the person does not have an entitlement; it could be that the person has not been fully registered in the system yet.  You may want to check the Reset/Generate Temporary Passcode page to determine the status of the registration.

What is the appropriate code that I should use when submitting feedback?

A list and description of available feedback results codes can be viewed in the Quick Reference Materials section.

I completed feedback but did not receive a confirmation.  Why is the status in PIMS still showing ‘department to enter feedback’?

You neglected to submit your feedback to the PSC. In order to do so, simply return to the feedback page and click on the ‘submit’ button.

Can I access a request submitted with another user ID?

Yes you may access a request previously submitted by someone else. Using your own user ID information, please follow the instruction in section 3.5 To Update a Priority Clearance Request .

Can I enter feedback for a request submitted with another user ID?

Yes, you may enter feedback for a request previously submitted by another user ID. Using your own User ID information, please follow the instruction in section 3.4 To Provide Feedback .

I submitted a Request for Priority Clearance showing two position numbers and only received one clearance number. Will I be issued a second clearance number at a later date?

No. The clearance number that was issued against your Request for Priority Clearance is valid for the position numbers listed on a request at time of clearance. In this case, your one clearance number is valid for both position numbers listed and can only be used for those two positions. Note: Both appointments should take place on or about the same date.

Can I submit a Request for Priority Clearance listing 10 position numbers and only make two initial appointments when my process is finalized and then later make the rest of the appointments from among qualified persons identified in a previous internal/external pool?

No. Clearance should only be requested for the number of positions for which you will be making initial appointments. For instance, if you know that you will only be initially appointing two of the ten positions, then you should be requesting clearance for two positions only. As you proceed with future appointments you would request a new clearance at that time.

I received a clearance number a few weeks ago on a Request for Priority Clearance that listed one position only. I now have a second identical position and would like to add the number to my original request. Can I do this?

No. You will not be able to add this new position number to your request as clearance has already been issued. You should submit a new Request for Priority Clearance and in the Additional Information block state that you have already received clearance against a previous process (quote the Priority Clearance Request number) and indicate that this is an identical position for which you are seeking clearance.

I submitted a Request for Priority Clearance listing one position but have not received clearance as yet as there are potential persons identified. I now have a second position number that I would like to add to the request. Can I do this?

Yes. Since clearance has not been issued as yet and this is a recent request, you can simply update your current request with the new position number and add a comment in the Additional Information block. If, however, your request was submitted several weeks ago, the PSC may advise that a new search for persons be conducted. You may want to contact the Priority Entitlements Consultant at the PSC before submitting your update.

I received a priority clearance number for a position and a person with a priority entitlement has self-referred after the fact. Do I need to consider this person?

Yes.  Persons with a priority entitlement can self-refer for any position for which they meet the essential qualifications. They can do so at any stage of the staffing process, even after a priority clearance is obtained and until the posting of the notice of appointment or proposal of appointment. Their priority entitlement must be respected.

If I have been issued a priority clearance number, is it valid until I appoint someone or are there any circumstances when the PSC might delay or cancel my clearance number?

Clearance simply means that you can proceed with your appointments immediately, or upon termination of your proposed appointment process. A priority clearance number can be suspended or cancelled at any time depending on many circumstances, such as:

  • The PSC receives an influx of persons with a priority entitlement for registrations
  • A clearance number has not been used and a new person who meets the criteria for the position has been identified by the PSC
  • A person self-refers to a position that has not yet been staffed
  • The PSC determines that a clearance has not been used and the selection process was finalized some time ago.
  • Clearance was issued for several positions but only one appointment has been made.
  • Clearance was issued based on erroneous feedback
  • In cases where persons are concerned that their priority entitlement has not been respected

Does the PIMS give automatic clearance when requesting the appointment of a specific person?

Organizations need to request priority clearance for these appointments using option B “Consideration of Persons with a Priority Entitlement” in PIMS. The PSC will identify this person along with other persons with a higher entitlement, if applicable. This will ensure that the precedence of priority entitlement is respected and that any other persons with a higher level entitlement who might be qualified for the position are given the opportunity to express interest in being considered.

Does the PSC have to accept feedback provided by an organization?

No. The PSC retains the right to ask organizations for clarification on feedback. When additional information is required the PSC resends the feedback form to the organization. The PSC Priority Entitlements Consultant will then follow-up with an email to the requesting organization explaining why feedback is being returned and what additional information is required.

How do I generate reports in PIMS?

  1. From the PIMS Home page, select the following action: Generate a Report
  2. From the drop-down menu select the report you need.
  3. Click on the Show Criteria button.
  4. Enter the required information for the report selected.
  5. Click on the Submit Report button.

A list and description of available reports can be viewed in the PIMS Report Section.

I received a priority clearance number Friday, October 3rd through PIMS and would like to confirm what is meant by "will only become valid two working days after the date of this reply".

For clearance purposes, we define working days as Monday to Friday (versus calendar days). Article 27.(4) of the Interpretation Act guides us when we use the word "after": 27. (4) where a time is expressed to begin after or to be from a specified day, the time does not include that day.

Therefore if you receive auto-clearance on Friday, October 3rd you should wait 2 full working days after that time which means that the clearance number will be valid for appointment on Wednesday, October 8th.

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