Results of the test of written expression

Évaluation de langue seconde – Test d'expression écrite

  • Valid for 5 years
  • Valid for an indefinite period of time, for people with valid results as of April 1, 1993, who remain in the same position, provided that the linguistic profile of the position is not raised above their skill level while they are in the position
Note: The valid score is always the most recent score where the test conditions have been met, regardless of format (online or paper) and administration method (in person or remote).

How to obtain my test result

The department or agency that ordered your test is responsible for sending you a copy of your result within a few days of the test. If you do not receive your result, contact them to obtain it. 

If you need an official copy of a previous test result, fill out all required fields and submit the e-form.

Important: You may be required to provide your test results. For that reason, always keep a paper copy in your own personal file.

Recourse mechanism

  • if you believe that the test was administered under unfavourable conditions, you may request a re-test
  • address your concerns to the organization that scheduled you to be tested. The situation will be assessed and, if a re-test proves necessary, it will be granted


  • the Online Testing Facility (OLTF) system automatically applies the appropriate scoring key for each test. As a result, rescoring of tests administered online is not available
  • second language tests are used to assess your knowledge in your second official language. They are not used as diagnostic instruments. Consequently, the information available with respect to performance is limited to the score achieved on the ability assessed in your second official language; more detailed feedback cannot be provided

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