Advancing Your Employment Equity Objectives

Information for human resources advisors and managers

Early in the recruitment or staffing process, human resources (HR) advisors and managers have to lay out an assessment strategy in order to successfully evaluate the candidates who have satisfied the education and experience qualifications required for the position.

Among the screened-in candidates, there may be some who have self-declared as being part of an employment equity (EE) group such as visible minorities, Aboriginal peoples or persons with disabilities.

  • Did you know that your assessment strategies and the way you use a test can affect whether an adverse impact might occur?
  • Do you understand what adverse impact really means and how to address it?
  • Have you taken advantage of the Personnel Psychology Centre (PPC)'s experts in test consultation?

The PPC has a wide variety of employment tests available for use in screening large volumes of job applicants and also for further assessment. These instruments are described on the PPC Web site and include tools for the administrative support, officer and management levels

The PPC’s test consultants can provide advice and guidance on equitable assessment strategies, techniques and the use of any PSC test. The PPC can help you achieve a representative and highly qualified workforce and develop a merit-based EE strategy.

Understanding your duty to accommodate

Equitable assessment may require that changes be made to the assessment procedure, format or content of an assessment instrument in order to remove obstacles, without modifying the nature or level of the qualification. Accommodation consultants’ expertise in assessment allows them to balance accommodation issues with qualification requirements. They can provide you with services and advice when candidates with disabilities or special needs require accommodation measures during testing. Note that organizations must contact the PPC for test accommodations when a standardized PSC test is used.

Public Service Commission reference tools and sources of advice

Assessment tools, methods and strategies:

  • Choosing the right tests to assess qualifications required for the job;
  • Identifying standardized tests with an established track record;
  • Establishing pass marks that meet the requirements of the job;
  • Using a variety of assessment tools to conduct a comprehensive assessment and establishing the importance of the tests according to the job requirements;
  • Evaluating the value of different assessment tools and the complexities involved when using standardized tests in a diverse workplace;
  • Integrating and using assessment results from various tests or other sources; and
  • Using assessment alternatives for persons with disabilities.

Policies and practical guidance:

Assessment boards:

  • Establishing representative assessment boards; and
  • Increasing your knowledge on how best to train assessment board members.

For further information on assessment services, please contact the Public Service Commission Personnel Psychology Centre by phone at 819-420-8671 or by e-mail at

Please contact the strategic consultant assigned to your organization for further information on EE planning and staffing advice, such as:

  • Identifying specific gaps in EE representation as part of the integrated business and HR planning exercise;
  • Setting EE objectives and benchmarks to be achieved by recruitment and staffing at the outset; and
  • Monitoring the success rate of all groups at each phase of the appointment process and adjusting it, as required.

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