Human Resource Management Decisions

If you are an executive, manager, human resource professional or career counsellor, the PPC can help you make sound human resource management decisions

PPC assessment instruments and services can be used for these essential human resource management tasks:

  • Selection
  • Assessment for training and development needs
  • Executive counselling
  • Diagnosing organizational development needs

Use the PPC's assessment instruments to identify, define and measure all relevant competencies, including:

  • Aptitudes
  • Skills and abilities
  • Knowledge
  • Physical competencies
  • Work styles
  • Personality
  • Interests

The PPC is a leader in developing assessment instruments and services that can be tailor made to your needs. And we have thousands of satisfied clients to prove it!

"This process affords a level playing field for all candidates to display their executive potential."

"A very legitimate and valuable tool in assessing the necessary leadership dimensions."

(Assessment Centre for Executive Appointment candidates)

"Excellent, first class job - informative, useful, professional - to the candidate and the selection board."

"Tremendously powerful to have an independent assessment."

"Provides an external screening which not only emphasizes managerial highlights, but also additional problems for future consideration."

(Hiring managers)

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