Unsupervised Internet Test of Cognitive Ability – Level 1

As of June 30, 2023, this test will no longer be available.

Note: Results from this test (UIT CA1 208) are not transferable to new appointment processes.


The purpose of the Unsupervised Internet Test (UIT) of Cognitive Ability – Level 1 (UIT CA1 208) is to assess an individual’s general reasoning skills for administrative support positions and similar work in the federal public service. Hiring managers may use it as the first step in a two-step assessment process to complement a similar test administered in a supervised setting (e.g., GCT1 207).

This test is an Unsupervised Internet Test  (UIT) that is administered over the Internet in an unsupervised environment. It is accessible anywhere the test-taker has access to a computer and an Internet connection.


The UIT CA1 208 is designed to assess problem-solving and reasoning ability and consists of 20 multiple-choice questions. There are three question types:

  • Similarities questions;
  • Numerical questions; and
  • Number series questions.

The time limit is 60 minutes to complete this test.

Pass mark

Each hiring manager sets the pass mark for their process. As a result, pass marks on the UIT CA1 208 can vary across selection processes.

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