Frequently Asked Questions: Confirmation of previous test results

How do I obtain test results?

To obtain a confirmation of previous Public Service Commission test results, complete and submit the online form.

As part of a competitive process, I was asked to write a PSC test. How do I get my results?

A department entering into a competitive process using a PSC test to assess candidates is responsible for delivering the results to the candidates. The department should provide you with your results in writing. If you passed the test, keep the letter in case you are asked to write the same test again.

Can I be asked to write a test again?

The manager responsible for a competitive process may request that all candidates be retested and will not consider previous results. However, the manager cannot request that you be retested in the case of tests used as alternatives to formal education or if the prescribed retest period is not over, e.g., 180 days (for most tests).

Is there additional information available to candidates on tests, other than the information contained in the website?

All existing information available to candidates regarding a specific test (use and description of the test and example questions) can be found in this website.

Are there practice tests for exams?

The Personnel Psychology Centre (PPC) has developed four practice tests for the following exams:

  1. General Competency Test: Level 1 (GCT1)
  2. General Competency Test: Level 2 (GCT2)
  3. Graduate Recruitment Test (GRT)
  4. Office Skills Test (OST)

Can I write a test if there is no competitive process?

If you are a Public Servant, you can write a test even if there is no on-going competitive process. This can be done through your human resources officer in your department. However, it should be noted that the human resources officer is under no obligation to administer a test to you (the responsibility of testing without a competition is left to the department).

How do I apply to a Public Service Commission-led pool or inventory?

Throughout the year the Public Service Commission (PSC) leads external advertised appointment processes to create inventories or pools of candidates to staff various positions in the federal government. Please use the advanced search tool on the Web site to determine if any of these types of processes are currently advertised (simply ensure “Public Service Commission” is entered in the organization field). Please note that if PSC tests are used in the assessment of candidates for these pools or inventories, the test administration is generally done by a PSC regional office, or, in certain cases, by the hiring organization. Also, please feel free to visit Public service jobs to search all advertised federal government jobs that are open to the public.

Where can I get information on the different jobs offered through the Public Service Commission?

The PSC has a website dedicated to jobs; Public service jobs. Note that if there is any testing involving a PSC test, the test administration is generally done by the hiring department and in certain cases by the PSC regional office closest to your area.

Can I be tested for second language evaluation?

Non Public Servants are assessed for second language evaluation only when part of competitive process (staffing purposes), to obtain a bilingual position, or if language training is required once in the position.

I am a graduate student in psychology. Does the PPC offer work experience opportunities for students?

Yes, the PPC has just implemented a student program in Industrial/Organizational (Personnel) Psychology. This program is aimed at giving students on-the-job experience in the areas of test development, assessment and applied research. We especially welcome aboriginal students, students from visible minority groups, and students with disabilities.

As information becomes available concerning the recruitment process, this site will be updated. In the meantime, students are directed to the Federal Student Work Experience Program (FSWEP) for general information, regulations, and opportunities related to student employment in the federal Public Service.

Note that under the FSWEP program, preference is given to Canadian citizens. A Canadian citizen is a person who was born in Canada or who has applied through Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada and has received a citizenship certificate.

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