Office Skills Test Practice Test

Practice test-taking conditions should be similar to those of a regular test session. Ensure that you will not be interrupted and that the environment is as quiet as possible. Allow yourself the right amount of time and follow all of the instructions. Doing so will help you become familiar with the OST, work at the appropriate pace and avoid surprises.

The practice test has 50 questions similar to those found in the official test and the same five sub-tests, each offering 10 questions similar to those on the OST. The instructions on how to answer the questions are the same.

Note that the sub-tests time limits in the test are longer than those in the practice test because the test contains more questions than the practice test. You should spend exactly 32 minutes writing the practice test.

Sub-test Official Test (minutes) Practice Test (minutes)
1. Filing 4 3
2. Arithmetic 13 9
3. Checking 3 2
4. Vocabulary 5 3
5. Following Directions 22 15
Total 47 32

Each practice sub-test includes a specific set of instructions. Read these instructions carefully, taking all the time you need and make sure you understand how to answer the questions before beginning the sub-test. We recommend that you complete the practice sub-tests one after another, as in the official test.

Keep track of the time you require to complete each sub-test. By comparing the time you took with the time recommended, you will be able to gauge whether you are working at an appropriate pace.

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