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Are you interested in working at Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC)? We offer opportunities for people with a wide range of skills, interests and educational backgrounds.

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Type Classification Description
  • Architecture, engineering and land survey (AR/EN)
  • Engineering and scientific support (EG)
  • General technical (GT)
  • Physical science (PC)
Our builders look after most of the federal government’s properties—from offices to bridges to dams.
Buyers Purchasing and supply (PG) Our purchasing officers help federal departments acquire goods, services and construction while delivering best value to Canadians. As the federal government’s largest buyer, we sign an average of 60,000 contracts a year for a total of $10 billion.
Detectives Auditing (AU) Our audit officers apply accounting principles and audit standards to planning, delivering and managing government services.
Enablers Administrative services (AS) Our administrative officers are essential to efficient and smooth operations.
Explorers Economics and social sciences (EC) Our economics and social sciences officers conduct research and studies and perform analysis.
Financiers Financial management (FI) Our financial officers perform complex operations for both PSPC and the Receiver General of Canada.
  • General labour and trades (GL)
  • General services (GS)
  • Heating, power and stationary plant operation (HP)
Our operators and tradespersons maintain building systems.
People persons Personnel administration (PE) Our human resources officers work with line managers and executives to help ensure we have the right people to get the job done.
Technical wizards Computer systems administration (CS) Our computer systems officers take care of our information technology services. They use innovative technology in a fast-paced and service-oriented environment. They work individually or as part of a team.
Voices Information services (IS) Communications officers get our message out to employees, the media, the public and other government departments and agencies. Marketing officers, meanwhile, focus on changing behaviour and encouraging the use of our newest services.
Wordsmiths Translation (TR) Our translation officers are among our most specialized group. They must have a university degree in translation. Although they usually work with English and French, some provide services in other languages too.

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