Industrial security and controlled goods

Security screening services for government contracts, organizations and personnel, registration to examine, possess or transfer controlled goods, and certification to handle military critical technical data

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Security requirements for contracting with the Government of Canada

Security screening for government contracts, organizations and personnel, safeguarding equipment, sites, assets and information, subcontracting and international contract security requirements, Contract Security Manual, contract security training, forms, resources

Examining, possessing or transferring controlled goods

What are controlled goods, how to register to examine, possess or transfer controlled goods, how to comply with the requirements of the Controlled Goods Program, database of individuals or organizations registered in the Controlled Goods Program, how to conduct security assessments of your personnel, prepare for inspections, develop a security plan or report a security breach

Handling military critical technical data

How military critical technical data is defined and controlled in Canada and the United States, how to apply as a supplier to get certified to be able to bid and work on contracts involving controlled military critical technical data, roles and responsibilities of contractors certified by the Joint Certification Program

Services, standards and results

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