Meet the team working on the Centre Block

The Centre Block project is bringing together a diverse range of specialities, from engineering and architecture, restoration and construction, to manufacturing, skilled trades and project management. This massive project is helping create jobs and develop skills, not to mention providing a once-in-a-generation opportunity to restore a central part of Canada and Canadian history.

Jobs and economic opportunities are already being created for Canadians and Canadian companies with about 4,000 jobs created and more than 500 companies already engaged.  As construction activities continue to ramp up, the project will create over 70,000 jobs with economic benefits for companies and Canadians in a broad economic footprint from skilled trades and construction workers to architects, engineers and manufacturing stretching across the country.

An average of 400 workers are on site daily. When the project reaches its peak, we expect more than 1,500 workers will be there working each day.

The health and safety of workers is important to us. Throughout the pandemic, we are respecting all COVID-19 health and safety protocols.

Meet some of these people and hear their stories:

Protecting heritage assets

View the video: Kate Westbury: Protecting the heritage features of the Centre Block

Meet Kate Westbury, an employee in charge of managing heritage elements in the Centre Block. She is working to ensure we protect and preserve elements such as murals and carvings during construction (click to see the video).

Project manager

View the video: Sharlene Goveas: Protecting the Centre Block's valuable heritage assets

Meet Sharlene Goveas, a project manager working on the Centre Block project (click to see the video).

Meet the engineer in charge of the assessments

View the video: Meet the engineer in charge of Centre Block assessments

Meet Yueshuang Zhu, an engineer in charge of the assessments. From acoustics to load bearing tests, Yueshuang ensured the structure was ready to undergo the restorations (click to see the video).

Women working on the Centre Block project

View the video: Women working on the Centre Block project

Meet Gabrielle Jarawan, an engineer on the Centre Block project, and listen to her words to inspire women and girls to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) (click to see the video).

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