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In this example of a pay stub, you may consult definitions of some of the common pay, entitlement and deduction types you might find on your own pay stub.

Select the underlined link for a definition of the type you wish to understand. You may also use the “Help” link, which presents the definitions of all types in a given section of the pay stub.

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This table displays the employee's paystub amounts.
Type Amount Year to date
Gross $3,296.04 $66,330.27
Taxable gross $3,296.04 $66,330.27
Total taxes and deductions $1,368.72 $29,060.85
Net $1,927.32 $37,269.42

Statutory deductionsHelpStatutory deductions

This table displays the employee's statutory deduction amounts.
Type Amount Year to date
Federal tax $353.06 $7,218.94
Provincial tax $433.22 $8,622.65
Superannuation $308.19 $6,163.63
CPP/QPP $85.13 $4,160.00
CP2 / QP2 $78.63 $78.63
Employment Insurance (EI) $2.18 $834.24
PPIP $16.28 $326.25

Voluntary deductionsHelpVoluntary deductions

This table lists all types of voluntary deductions the employee currently has.
Type Amount Year to date
Canada Savings Bonds    
Charitable donations    
Credit union    

Other deductionsHelpOther deductions

This table lists all other deductions present on the employee's pay.
Type Amount Year to date
Association dues $61.61 $1,108.93
Death benefits $14.06 $253.10
Disability insurance $16.36 $294.48
Health insurance    
Group medical insurance    
Taxable allowance benefits    

Legend | Entitlements and deductionsHelpEntitlements and deductions

This table shows all of the employee's remaining entitlements and deductions.
Type No. Rate Amount
From 29/08/24 To 11/09/24
*Basic Pay
75.00 H   $3,265.37+
From 29/08/24 To 11/09/24
Bilingual bonus allowance
Taxable benefits
QUE TAX BEN-CUR   $115.86

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