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File your taxes to maximize benefits

The CRA welcomes you to explore the world of housing, taxes, and benefits awareness to help you better manage your housing-related finances.

The housing crisis remains a top priority for many because it has become increasingly challenging for Canadians to find affordable housing and accessible mortgages. Our main objective is to give Canadians the information they need to manage their housing-related finances so they can make the most of their money. Did you know that every year, Canadians are missing out on millions of dollars in benefits and credits by not filing their tax return? The more you know about what’s available to you, the more money you’ll have back in your pocket.

First-time home buyers: The path to homeownership

We know that buying a house is a complex process. Here’s a quick CRA guide to help you learn how you can maximize the benefits and credits available to you. By filing your tax return, you can unlock the path to your future home!

You’re thinking about buying your first home but you are not sure if you will have enough money for a down payment

Did you know: You can make a qualifying withdrawal from your FHSA and withdraw from your RRSP under the HBP for the same qualifying home, as long as you meet all of the conditions at the time of each withdrawal.

You just bought your first home and now you’re wondering if there are any credits or rebates available to help with upfront costs

Homeowners: Learning to maximize your investment

As a homeowner, there’s a lot you need to consider if you plan on renting, renovating or maintaining your property. These decisions can have major financial and lifestyle effects so it’s important to know that there are existing benefits and tax credits, as well as tax obligations you need to know.

Creating a second dwelling in your home to accommodate a relative

You bought an older home and now you are looking to renovate and make the house more accessible

You own a home and are thinking of renting your property to help supplement your income

You bought a second property as an investment

You’re thinking of selling your home

At the CRA, we are dedicated to helping homeowners make the most of their investments and make informed decisions about their housing-related finances. File your taxes to benefit from tax programs so you can make the most of your money.

Other Government of Canada funding for homeownership

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