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Business Registration Online is a valuable tool for businesses in Canada.

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You can register when you want with no wait times, 21 hours a day, 7 days a week (6 am to 3 am EST).

Graphics: Register when you want with no wait times. 6 am to 3 am EST

Business owners or authorized representatives can register for a business number and Canada Revenue Agency program accounts together, making the process quick and convenient.

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A growing number of Government of Canada departments and agencies use the business number to identify your business.

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This video is a tutorial on how to register your business online. It's quick and easy.

To get started go to

In the search icon type in Business Registration Online

Select Business Registration Online – Register and select Register

Enter the social insurance number of the person doing the registration. This is to validate that you are a real person.

The personal information you enter must match the information on your last personal tax return… You must agree to the terms and conditions of use to continue this process.

This information is required in case the CRA needs to contact you about the registration of this business.


Next, choose "I need a business number." You can click on the blue question marks for more information throughout the registration process.

For this video, we will focus on how to register as a sole proprietor - specifically one for a ride-sharing service.

Enter your personal information in all the required fields.

Select an owner if the information is correct. If the information needs to be modified, you can change it here.

The legal name will be the same as the owner name on the previous screen. Enter an operating name if you use a different name in day-to-day activities and advertising.

Select the appropriate address from the addresses listed for the postal code .

Next, fill in the remaining information.

For this video, we're making the physical address the same as the mailing address; but, in some cases the addresses could be different.

Enter "Ride-sharing service" as the major activity of this business. Leave the other fields blank.

After you confirm the details, you will receive a summary with a nine-digit number.

This is your business number. Make sure to write it down and keep it in a safe place. Now click on "Register CRA accounts for this business."

Next, enter the social insurance number of the owner.

Confirm the details and click continue registration.

We will choose "Register an RT account" for a GST/HST account. You can also register for payroll deductions, import-export, registered charities, and information returns. These program accounts can all be registered at the same time or at a later date.

Next, choose "Operate a taxi, limousine or commercial ride-sharing service".

On this screen, for "Sole activity subject to the GST/HST is from commercial rental income", select "No". Enter your actual annual worldwide and domestic GST/HST taxable sales. If it's unknown, enter "zero". Input the account effective date. This is the day you began providing ride-sharing services.

Ride-sharing services have to register and charge GST/HST on fares in the same way as taxi operators.

Select the applicable reporting period.

You can click on the blue question mark for details on reporting periods.

Next, choose your language preference.

Select one of the addresses on file.

The physical address is usually the same as the mailing address but can be different depending on the business.

Email addresses can now be added.

When an email address is added: We will replace paper mail and instead send an email when important changes are made on this account. For more information click on the blue question mark. You must agree to the terms and conditions of use to continue this process.

Review the details and confirm that the information is correct.

The new GST/HST number should now be displayed.

The program accounts registered in this session will be displayed on the final page.

Congratulations, you are now registered!

For more information, go to

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